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James F. Carroll - Passport
Letters from Jim Carroll to his wife Anna (missing her)
James F. Carroll
Social Security #: 320-03-5050

Father:   James Carroll (b. Dec 18, 1861, in Kilmallock Ireland
                        d. May 15, 1948, in Killeagh, Pallasgreen, County Limerick
CHILDREN (of James Carroll and Alice Reardon):
  • Michael Carroll  (Michael and Desmond)

  • Margaret Carroll (Wallace)  (Alice, Michael, Mary)

  • Kathleen Carroll

  • James F. Carroll (this page)

  • Mary Carroll (Jordan) (David and Mary Rose)

Mother:   Alice Reardon (b. Sept 29, 1866, in Bottomstown Ireland
                         d. June 8, 1952, in Killeagh, Pallasgreen, County Limerick

Birth:  June 8th, 1903 in IRELAND
Died:  Nov 2nd, 1984 in Daytona Beach, FL 32019
Marriage:   Anna Moriarty (b. May 25, 1909 (d. May 29 1992) Daytona Beach, FL.
Son:   James Carroll (b Dec 11, 1931 - d. Nov 24, 1983) Winona, MN
Daughter:   Margaret Carroll (b. May 13, 1936)  Residing in Newnan, GA
Daughter:   Anne Carroll (b. June 22, 1933 - d. Jan 3, 1978) Chicago, IL
Daughter:   Mary Carroll (b. Dec 15, 1929) Residing in Winterhaven, FL
Residence:  Daytona Beach, FL (via Chicago, IL)
Burial:  With Wife Anna in Daytona Beach, FL.

Inventor of the following catch phrases:
"Oh C'mon..." (in response to... no matter what you said... about anything)

James F. Carroll - Passport
His Passport
James F. Carroll - Passport Photo
Passport Photo
James F. Carroll - Citizen Photo
New Citizen Photo
James F. Carroll - Citizen Document
New Citizen Document
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